International Women’s Day: Lesley from Bucket List Publications

Hello everyone! Welcome! This year for International Women’s Day I decided to catch up with three of the women who inspired me to start this blog. I asked them a ton of questions about themselves, their experiences abroad and what they’ve learned over the years! A big thanks to Leyla, Lesley and Barbara for making time in their busy schedules to answer my questions!

Over the week I will post the answers from each woman daily!

And so. Without further ado, please read on and be inspired! Today’s post goes to Lesley Carter from Bucket List Publications!

Bucket List Publications was one of the earliest inspirations for The Doorstep Traveller. I loved the way Lesley sat down and wrote out her dream experiences then began tackling them one-by-one year-after-year until she had a whole collection of fascinating stories to share. She is manifesting her interests with the help of mere direction: in thoughts, time and funding!

Her blog began as a showcase for the extreme sports this American was endeavoring to explore, but now her focus also includes family friendly adventures and adorable moments with her young daughter, Athena.

With a delightful mix of independent and mother & daughter activities Lesley shows the Internet what a well-rounded woman of the world is all about!

All photos contributed by Lesley Carter.


1) How would you describe yourself, right now?
I’m a mother, wife, travel blogger and adventure seeker. Anything that I can jump off of or out of, I’m in.

2) What is your earliest travel memory?
My parents owned a private trade school when I was a child and we traveled to Cuba regularly. Dancing with a local in Varadero when I was 6-years-old is one of my earliest travel memories.

Warbird 12

3) What has changed about travel since the day you first set out (especially for traveling women)?
The world is at our doorstep now. Everything is accessible. There are so many solo female travelers and adjusting to cultural differences is no longer a scary thing.

4) What was the most memorable moment you’ve experienced abroad?
Manning the helm on tall ship, Bark Europa, while massive waves rocked the ship in the Drake Passage was one of the greatest moments of my life. Every experience in Antarctica was unforgettable.

Climbing the Rigging on Bark Europa

5) What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
We are capable of great feats if we’re willing to step outside of our comfort zone.

6) Why should women travel?
Experiencing new countries and cultures completely changes your perspective on people and life. It is the best education for the world and for yourself, regardless of gender. When you’re on the road and you encounter different situations, you need to figure it out on your own. You learn coping and time management skills that will help you in daily life and your career. Take your pick of great qualities in people and you learn them from traveling.


7) Do you have any tips for women on the road? What’s the biggest myth about women & traveling?
Be willing to try something new and step outside of your comfort zone. I’m not suggesting you put yourself in direct danger, but there are a lot of safe countries where you can explore on your own and many of those countries might not be the first ones you think about.
The biggest myth about women and travelling is that you’re trying to run away from something, but travel can be so much more.

9) Many bloggers maintain an image of effortless production for a blog which generates enough money to be their only source of income. What is it like behind the scenes of Bucket List Publications?
I do generate enough money for my blog to be my only source of income, but it is far from effortless. I usually work between 12-15 hours a day doing blog-related stuff. I have to maintain the site, create content, market, work with PR, learn new strategies and consider SEO and actually travel. I have to be on social media constantly and my whole life is on display.


10) Do you have anything else to say to the women of the world?
If you make something your priority, you are capable of achieving great things. Even before I owned Bucket List Publications I traveled regularly. I worked multiple jobs, I worked at summer camps, I taught ESL in multiple countries, I coached sports and traveled with the team, I cut out unnecessary expenses and lived a very minimalist lifestyle so I could afford to travel.


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