Tenerife South: They Call Me Mellow Yellow

“Oop pardon me sweetie. HEY SHERRY MOVE! SHERRY! MOVE! BAHAHAHA SHE WANTS TO GET BACK IN,” the boisterous, shrill voice of the woman flapping at her friend standing in the aisle granted me just enough of a gap to squeeze by, hop across J’s lap and into my seat. My opinion of the gaggle of ladies next to us was torn. They had brought the party to the plane. I definitely admired their ability to drink, shriek and guffaw for the entire four hours of the flight, but their party hour exuberance was wearing thin.

Glasgow to Tenerife -36

“Can I borrow your headphones,” I begged J. She nodded in understanding and passed them over.

“They’re probably going to Las Americas,” she added. I glanced at my phone screen. At full volume my headphones were struggling to drown out their excitement.

I crossed my fingers just in case. We’d probably hear them all the way from El Médano anyway.

Glasgow to Tenerife -33

Mellow El Médano

Welcome to round two of Tenerife! YAAWW!!!! J and I visited during Christmas back in 2014 and we wanted to see Tenerife one last time before J’s parents moved to the mainland (boo and yay!).

Thankfully, like most Canarians, they live a respectful distance from the hubbub of tourist centrals like Las Americas. With a home situated near El Médano, a town slowly expanding from its origin as of a small fisherman village, they’ve got the sun and beach without the horrendous prices, traffic and crowds of Canarian tourist hotspots. Many of the tourism and service industry staff you find in Las Americas flee to El Médano and its neighboring towns each evening, so for the most part it’s strictly local. Here’s what I love most about it:

– You wander into a restaurant and the food is cheap and delicious. A speciality. The chef’s are working to keep people coming back.

– You explore the shops and sure a good chunk feature the usual Made In China goodies, but secret shops with local works abound. Our favourite secret shop is Arenas, which means sand in Spanish. It houses local artisanal jewelry! It’s so small it doesn’t even register online, but if you ask a local you’ll find it (and probably love it).

– The bars are so chill. J and I love Manfred’s Soul Cafe. A designated hang-out for those wanting to sit back and sip American-style cocktails by soft candle light this spot is the best! Whenever we wanted to escape the elders for a bit we’d nip over to El Médano and nab a couch for the evening. Because of its location and open air porch you can look out over the cove while sipping your extremely delicious cocktail! You’ll be glad you get a free tapa—often nuts or popcorn—though because those drinks are STRONG! J and I often joked that these guys probably just eye it when they mix up the alcohol… unlike the Brits with their stingy measuring tools. >.>

– You get to see something special. I’d heard so many stories of El Médano’s subdued beaches being overrun by vibrant sails from kite and wind surfers and I finally got to see it! WOW! I have no idea how those guys were implementing traffic control, but it was busy out there! They must have had the wind gods on their side because they were whippin’ and zigzaggin’ and flippin’.

I was having a heyday with my camera.

Click. Click. Click. ACTION SHOT. ACTION SHOT. ACTION SHOT. I couldn’t miss really.

Glasgow to Tenerife -52   Glasgow to Tenerife -53

Glasgow to Tenerife -51
This dude was enjoying himself too.

Glasgow to Tenerife -56

Anddd that’s it for El Médano from this trip! Short post I know! I originally started nabbering about my trip to Siam Water Park, but that chapter was WAY too long to tag onto the end of this post. It was so righteous it deserved a post of its own ;).

There is tons of hilarious lipping, sliding and screaming so definitely tune in next week for some terrifying moments and gargantuan rides!

Happy holidays everyone, wherever you are!

Glasgow to Tenerife -59
PZOW! I can fly!


Chill Tips

Budget: depends on what you want.

Age group: 1-99

Clothes: At this time of year…
Shorts and sweater OR
three-quarter length pants and a shirt.

Nights are cooler.

Culture: Relaxed. No hurry. No worry.

Food: Ask for the pizza place. Mm, mm, mm.

Transport: Well wandering around the town is easy.
• There are buses, but I hear they are awful.
• Taxis are available and cheap.
• Or you could drive.

Local Activities:
• Climbing (Mountaña Roja, or Red Mountain)
• A stroll through nature
• Sun bathing
• Skinny dipping (small secret coves by Mountaña Roja)
• Kite surfing
• Wind surfing
• Swimming (ocean or hotel pool)
• Eating
• Shopping
• Listening to live music
• Sip a cocktail at sunset

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