Thailand Revisited!

Are you travelling to Thailand and unsure of what to visit and experience? Here’s a quick video to help you on your way! If you spot something you’d like to explore further just click on the image below to go right to the post! There are also many, MANY places included in this blog that I didn’t get a chance to squeeeeeze into the video, so be sure to mosey around a bit for more inspiration! Continue reading “Thailand Revisited!”

The Chinese New Year In Bangkok!

Up periscope

From my side a winding creature fixed to the staff in my hand rose to peer over the masses. Glancing left then scanning to the right its small drum heart pattered as the weighted strings spun out and pelted its surface. The sound of rain droplets bouncing off a tin pot radiated from the dragon’s sway. It bobbed through a 360-degree turn then shook its head and zipped down to my side once more.

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Chinese Autumn (Moon) Festival: October 15

The gate towered overhead—a behemoth symbol of Chinatown nesting among the buildings of sprawling Bangkok.

As though humoured by the gate’s ridiculous size, a tiny stone rabbit grins across the road as people mill around its concrete island. Traffic circles them like hungry sharks.

It isn’t hard to imagine the stone rabbit turning his chuckles toward the excited crowd. A being from another world amused by our unknown destinies. Darkness was falling, but the party was just beginning! Continue reading “Chinese Autumn (Moon) Festival: October 15”