Cambridge Graphic Artists At Work

It is a cold, wet day today. The chill of autumn is settling in here in Cambridge and I thought I’d stay inside to write about two fledgling graphic artists I recently had the luck to meet! As you may know, if you’ve been with this blog long, sometimes I stray from the tourist spots to showcase totally geeky experiences.

Life’s adventures don’t always have to be distant and exotic after all!

So, with my icy fingers clanking away on this awesome mechanical keyboard (it sounds like I’m punching along on a typewriter people!!!) I welcome all you geeks and travellers, geeky travellers and travelling geeks to meet Katie and Grace.

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Photography at Comic Conventions

There’s definitely something mind-blowing about walking past a cat-eyed woman with snow-white hair.

Of course, as human beings surrounded by many doubtful human beings we feel the need to obtain some kind of evidence to prove that we did in fact witness a blonde haired, green clad, pointy-eared elf eat some candy.

The Internet plays at being a double-edged sword for niche communities. On the one hand misinterpretation of anything can lead to swaths of negative reactions and niche cultures are particularly vulnerable to misunderstandings.

However, while it can chop your head off, it can just as easily fire a beam of light into the sky alerting people to the greatness that wields the sword…

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