CT707 Krav Maga

Before me a man paced, his hands whisking about as he attempted to draw motivation from the band of 24 participants lining the floor.

You must quiet your inner chimp, reiterated the course’s instructor­—referring to the inner voice responsible for whispering discouragement and dissuasion.

My inner chimp was dangling from the rafters of my mind, cheekily swinging in and out of my thoughts.

Would I be able to survive the vigorous physical pressure of the CT707 Krav Maga course? Would I just make a fool of myself trying to remember the techniques?

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England: Culture Quirks

Dear England,

About two months ago I moved into this household from Thailand. I don’t know which country baffles me more. On the one hand, Thailand was so different it constantly had me on my toes trying to sort through the social rules, in-house food and structural arrangements. The two landlords, Yingluck and Suthep, were constantly creating a ruckus trying to kick each other out and sometimes I had problems with flooding, but once I got past that the central heating is great and the housemates are nice. Not to mention the neighbours are close unlike my isolated childhood home.

England on the other hand is super similar to Canada… and yet definitely not…

So I thought I’d list out the reasons why I find your household silly. Please continue below.

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Bangkok Street Photos

This is my 50th blog post and my blog is almost one year old! I can’t believe that it has been a year! I’ve seen so many magnificent things, from small pockets of cultural acknowledgment far from their country of origin to large celebrations in the heart of their homeland and it’s been a blast!

Wow… my first post was on an Indian bonfire festival called Lohri. I remember being so nervous! But everyone was super kind to me, I ended up figuring out how to align myself among the spinning women in the circling dances and I won a diamond ring in the draw.

It was such a fantastic experience.

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Student Life: Thailand

สวัสดี Sawadeekha (not spelled correctly but that is how you pronounce it)

I’m now in Thailand! I’m from Canada so adjusting to the heat has been a challenge at times but doable.

For the most part it has been the humidity that I’ve found most noticeable. I feel like I’ve run a few kilometers when I’ve just walked a few minutes. I also drink a lot more water now. Before coming to Thailand I scoured the Internet for tips and suggestions.

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