Pancake Day Rehearsal!

Pouring a dollop of pancake mix into the pan forced a hiss as the goo met the metal. Grabbing a handful of raisins I began to seed my pancake with their plump little figures. Satisfied with what I’d sown I thrust my spatula under the island of mix to turn its world upside down. Behind me chaos met art as a housemate presented her rendition of a pancake song’s dance. Another housemate drew attention as she masterfully tossed a pancake into orbit and landed it on its rump.

Our Pancake Day rehearsal was flippin’ brilliant!

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Air Guitar World Championships

Ok so I haven’t actually attended this event since I’ve only JUST learned about it and this year’s show is over. But it’s totally on my festival bucket list!!!! Here’s why I’m so stoked to check out the Air Guitar World Championships next year!

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