Björkliden‬: Skiing With Reindeer


Want to see what happens when a Canadian bumps into a small pack of reindeer on the ski-slope? Check out this hilarious video! 

On the last day of skiing I was going up the T-bar for the umph time moaning in song about how I hate T-bars and wish I was in Canada where we are lazily carried up the mountain in chair lifts. My knees are shuddering and just as I’m feeling like a limp cat indifferently being tugged along the ground by the leash I spot something to my left. As I realize what it is I let loose the customery North American call of the tourist. “Ooooo!”

Followed by a: “there’s reindeer! REINDEER!”

I must have been reindeer-touched for that trip because I spotted the first reindeer on the train north (alone since my friends missed it), then I ran into them on the slope for a close encounter (which the others missed again since they were snowboarding on the beginner slope) and finally I spotted a few on the road heading out to the Sami reindeer farm (third time’s the charm, they actually saw those).

I don’t know why my voice decided to break into a Fozzie rendition when I spotted the reindeer here, but I am highly entertained. I had forgotten my camera was on so I didn’t realize I had captured my excited freaking out until after.

Because of this I unreservedly expressed my excitement. OMG REINDEERRRRRRR!!!! HAHA I’M RUNNING WITH THE REINDEERRRR! I’m practically shrieking my head off in wonder and amazement! The reindeer veer to the right of the path (probably fleeing my thrilled yelping), spot some skiers on the parallel hill and swing back. They keep running ahead of me and suddenly little black pellets start appearing on the white snow and rolling down toward me. It’s poop! my mind stutters to the realization. Now I’m really almost doubling over in laughter, trying to think of something funny to say while maintaining what little balance I have left in legs that are wobbling from exhaustion. What came to mind, but I couldn’t voice through my laughter, was a getaway car letting loose little spikes to bust the wheels of cars in pursuit!

Needless to say, their little stunt didn’t work, though I had to turn off because my stop was coming up.While this was super hilarious and fun I’m really glad I didn’t meet these guys on the downhill slope. Coming home to Scotland with a limb in a cast because I ran into a reindeer would have been a weird tale for my memory books and parties, but not worth the hospital hassle. Thankfully these guys seemed pretty smart (heck they took the T-bar up just like everyone else!) and there were no antlers to be seen.

This will definitely be categorized as one of the memories I’m sure I’ll carry into old age haha.

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Skiing (Maybe With Reindeer)

Budget: 695 SEK for a two day ski pass + 450 SEK two day kit rental (more prices)

Age group: I swear I have seen 6 year-olds ski better than me.


– Snowpants (I adore my suspender ones)
– Gloves
– A good coat (in this case a pretty light one for me)
– Thermal sweater
– Leggings are perfect with snowpants
– Good long socks (toes get cold!)
– Neckwarmer/turtleneck
– Goggles (essential)

What to get at the shop:
– Skiis/Snowboard
– Boots
– Helmet (these are padded so no need for a toque)

Culture: Athletic. You will be working hard. You have to carry yourself up the hill and back down.

Food: You can bring some solid snacks and a thermal in a bag if you want.
Or eat at the cabin.
Or eat in the lodge (their buffet was always awesome!)
Or eat on the hill (probably expensive).

Transport: If you are in town it’s an easy walk up. If you are in the lodge/in a cabin you are at the base of the slopes.

Time: Seasonal/however long you like or can stand.

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